Plumbing is a system which is used for distribution of portable water and the pipes installed in a building use for removal of waterborne wastes. It is a system of pipes or tubes. Plumbing is used to get the clean water in and waste water out from the house. It is a core of every house hold. It is distinguished from water and sewage systems. It needs regular maintenance. Plumbing play a very important role in our life. It is a very basic and substantial part of every developed economy due to the need for clean water. When home is built, plumber runs a supply line to our home wall or the slap, that further distributed water to the home to rooms where sinks, bathtubs, showers and other fixtures will be installed and waste water out to septic tanks or municipal waste water collectors. It is something that we cannot live without it in our daily life.

This system have also some problems which are uncertain, you never know when problem can arises. These problems can be fixed by having the right supply of water to your home. Knowing your home Plumbing system will help you to fix the problem. You should have some tools at your home to fix the small plumbing problems in case of emergency.

Here are some tools that will make your job easier:

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  1. Wrench: You can get them at local hardware store. You can purchase the basic wrench, adjustable wrench, socket wrench, pipe wrench, and a basin wrench.
  1. Pliers: These are very helpful plumbing tools. Tongue pliers and groove pliers are most commonly used.
  2. Pipe vises: These are used to cut, thread etc. Common ones like Yoke Pipes and Chain Vises

You may not have great plumbing skills, but these simple tools can help you for simple repairs. Preventing plumbing problems can save your money in the long run. If the problem is big then a professional plumber can help you to fix it. If you are hiring a professional plumber to fix the problem then you should know about the qualities of a good plumber.

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