Insufficient Truck Repair Facilities in Vancouver

British Columbia, in eastern Canada is one of the nation’s advanced provinces and handles the major share of the country’s import and logistics. As such, a hugh number of road, rail and air transport companies exist to extend the shipping lines that end at the port, to the rest of the country. One of the key elements of this transport hub is that is still lacks adequate full service truck repair in Vancouver. By alleviating this bottle neck, it would be possible to increase the services across the country, reduce the cost of operations and insurance and, on aggregate increase the efficiency of the nation’s logistics network.

Canada’s Road Transportation Industry

Employing of commercial truck repair near me Rdollars, the Canadian road logistics industry is a major part of Canada’s success story. Canada is large country stretch across the North American content from the Pacific to the Atlantic and up to the tundra in the north. Shipping from Asia primarily arrives in British Columbian ports in the east and are transported in land. Almost 90% off every single product that ends up in consumer hands has, at some point been transported on a rig and trailer. In Canada, at present, there are over one quarter of a million rig drivers that criss cross the country on hauls. The industry is fragmented at the lower scale and consolidated at the top with a few large players.

Current Infrastructure commercial truck repair near me

Just before 2010, there were over 800,000 heavy rigs with a gross weight of over 4,500 kilograms. More than 50% of this number were medium sized rigs that were between 4,500 and 15,000 kilograms. This means that for every truck in existence and in good working order there are three drivers available to drive the rig. That is a good ratio and suggests that a rig could typically run three 8-hour shifts and generate income for the company 24 hours a day while the drivers get the necessary rest before getting behind the wheel.

Truck Repair in Vancouver

However, as far as national averages, the number of rigs and trailers in BC are higher and one of the problems faces in this industry is for an adequate number of truck repair facilities in Vancouver. Without adequate maintenance bays and mechanics to go with it, there is a bottle neck when it comes to keeping rigs well serviced and maintained. One of the reasons British Columbia is a major bottleneck is die to the proximity to the incoming imports from the U.S. west coast. The U.S. is Canada’s largest trading partner and a lot of that comes from California, Oregon, Seattle and Wyoming.

If the industry were to be improved, it would have to be from the maintenance perspective so as to keep the current fleet in superb operating condition. This not only increases safety, but also reliability as well as reduce operational costs and increases efficiency.commercial truck repair near me

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