How to Submit Your Space for Review Process with chat gpt
  1. Go to to upload your build.
  2. Click the "Submit for Review" option to start the review process from
  3. For easy communication, ensure to have a 3D support ticket opened in your discord.
  4. Your space will become usable for minting after approval if it meets specific review criteria.
  5. Go to after the approval and navigate to the "Approved" tab.
  6. You will find different options depending on your selected option.
  7. You can mint all spaces on the oncyber community polygon collection or the oncyber community Ethereum collection.
  8. You will also receive new updates to your destination submitted email.
  9. But, you will receive a message to implement modifications if the platform's team rejects the build.

A Statement from CEO Rayan Boutaleb

CEO Rayan Boutaleb said Oncyber can habitually modify the look and color of the sky. The platform drop in the NFT works of a creator from their associated crypto wallet. Oncyber also customizes the appearance and size of picture frames in the world. Meanwhile, this is just the first version of the tool. The platform is helping users to unfold their creativity.

However, the Magic Composer gives a flexible and reliable path for users to get what they need. Oncyber layers will provide extraordinary world-building features in the next couple of months. The AI-based tool will eventually eliminate some of the complications to ensure customizing online 3D spaces. Oncyber has offered the AI tool to a select group of testers from Monday, March 20.

Oncyber Sells NFT-based Templates

It is noteworthy that oncyber was launched in 2021 by calling itself a metaverse platform. Meanwhile, the platform also shared similarities with Web3 metaverse gaming platforms such as The Sandbox. It enables users to personalize their own online spaces.

The platform will add more generative features such as the capability to execute and modify 3D architecture. However, oncyber doesn't sell NFT land plots like other platforms that are essential to building those worlds. The platform also rejects land scarcity-fueled speculation and the premise of FOMO.

Meanwhile, oncyber sells NFT-based templates and works with creators and designers to create spaces for customization. You can also find free spaces and templates so you don't want a crypto or an NFT wallet for space creation.

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