Bio-flex Cold Laser Therapy And Treatment Of Inflammation With White Rock Chiropractor

The use of the bio-flex cold laser system at White Rock chiropractor is an excellent treatment for almost all types of inflammation in the body. It is an important treatment modality of our White Rock chiropractor therapy in our White Rock chiropractor location.

Inflammation is involved in all aspects of our treatment approaches at White Rock chiropractor except for preventative maintenance care. The inflammation process is the bodies reaction to trauma, infection, auto immune attacks and even cancer. We will restrict our discussion to inflammation due to trauma and the auto immune attack. White Rock chiropractor are mainly concerned with the spinal column. The spinal column houses and protects the central nervous system. The nerves that exist from the spinal cord are very vulnerable to any pressure. For example, pressure on the sciatic nerve can have far reaching effects into the leg and foot. Inflammation can not only occur in the spine, it can occur in all joints, tendons and muscles throughout the body. Inflammation can cause significant pain and disability. Treatment is essential for control of the pain, disability, and to enhance the healing process. Along with bio-flex cold laser system, adjustment, manipulation and rehabilitative exercises are important in the healing agenda.

The bio-flex cold laser system used at White Rock chiropractor is a very unique healing system. It is essentially made up of three separate laser systems. It has a red laser, an infrared laser, and a high intensity infrared laser. The laser computer used at White Rock chiropractor has preprogrammed programs for the different conditions. The system can also be customized to create new laser protocols if the already existing ones aren't sufficient. Treatment times at White Rock chiropractor range from twenty five minutes to just over one hour. The red and infrared systems are actually flexible pads consisting of 180 laser diodes. These pads can be molded around joints and muscles making the laser penetration more effective and efficient. The system can be used for inflammation conditions such as disc and facet joint sprains, spinal stenosis, herniated disc, bursitis, tendonitis, inflammatory auto immune disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a host of other inflammatory conditions.

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